Apartments for rent in the OKO Moscow-City tower

Apartments for rent in the OKO Moscow-City tower

When you need to rent an apartment in the Oko Tower in Moscow City, the 5-star Diamond Apartments will be able to fulfill this desire and not only provide an apartment of the required size, but also provide full hotel service. With us you can rent a studio apartment, one-room or two-room premium-class apartments of different sizes for the night, daily, week, month or longer.

Security and infrastructure of the Oko tower are its main trump cards

The Eye Tower is famous for its safety and autonomy. In Moscow City, this is one of the few multifunctional complexes that does not have direct communication with other towers, metro stations and Afimall shopping center. This was one of the reasons why we chose this multifunctional complex for the location of the apart-hotel. Although getting to the metro station, MCC, MCD, "Expocentre", "Afimolla" and a number of other objects from the tower
"Eye" is possible in a matter of minutes.

Diamond Apartments is extremely scrupulous about the safety and privacy of its guests. Therefore, admission to the floors with apartments is carried out only with special key cards. This guarantees the absence of strangers on the territory of the hotel, which means that guests of even the highest social status and level of popularity will not be disturbed. Additionally, Diamond Apartments can provide their own security in the person of professional bodyguards who will accompany the guest.

At the same time, the Oko tower is distinguished by the highest level of infrastructure development. After all, it was commissioned back in 2016. It has everything that a modern person might need:

  • fitness club;
  • concept restaurants;
  • a skating rink at a bird's-eye view;
  • bank branches and ATMs, etc.

Therefore, renting an apartment in Oko in Moscow City is convenient not only if you need to hold a business meeting with this skyscraper, but also in many other cases. And Diamond Apartments will make sure that guests feel as comfortable as possible in the apartment and get exactly what they expect from an apart-hotel of this level. At the same time, we have already repeatedly received top managers of large corporations and even top officials of states. Therefore, the staff understands exactly what requirements should be taken into account and how to implement them as accurately as possible.

Renting an apartment in Diamond Apartments is a profitable solution

Diamond Apartments became the first officially certified 5-star hotel in Moscow City. We have 5 different types of rooms, which allows you to choose the best option in terms of size and cost. Moreover, each apartment is a full-fledged apartment with a designer renovation, an abundance of free space, a large kitchen and a bathroom. But if, when renting an ordinary apartment, guests need to independently resolve the issue of cleaning and other household issues, then in Diamond Apartments these worries will completely fall on the shoulders of the staff.

You just need to call the internal phone at the reception located on the 1st floor of the complex or send a request through the online assistant and we will independently:

  • we organize a transfer from or to the airport;
  • call a taxi or lease our own business or premium class car;
  • we will book a table in the desired restaurant;
  • we will deliver breakfast, lunch or dinner to your room;
  • take things to dry cleaning;
  • create a romantic atmosphere in the apartment, organize a date in a restaurant or on the observation deck;
  • we will prepare a room for negotiations, etc.

Also, the apart-hotel provides a number of business services and underground parking spaces in the Oko Tower. If you need to rent an apartment in Moscow City for a family with children, we will provide you with a beautiful baby crib made of natural materials. And if you are traveling with animals, then it will be even more convenient for you to stay in Diamond Apartments, because we are absolutely not against such a company. At the same time, the service is available 24/7, and the room will be cleaned at any time convenient for you.

Apartments in Diamond

The apart-hotel has 51 rooms located on the 10th, 15th and 16th floors. These are small studios of 40 sq. m., one-room and several options for two-room apartments, including the luxurious Premium Apartment, which occupies 110 sq. m. Each of them is a luxury apartment, where guests can admire the view of the city through panoramic windows. All are present:

a large kitchen with all the household appliances and utensils necessary for storing and preparing food, including:

  • coffee machine,
  • dishwasher,
  • dishes;
  • comfortable bathroom with shower and /or bath with jacuzzi;
  • huge double bed;
  • full-fledged workplace;
  • spacious wardrobe;
  • individual safe;
  • air conditioning;
  • TV and Wi-Fi;
  • mini bar;
  • washing machine, iron, ironing board, etc.

Thus, it will be convenient for business people who have arrived here for business purposes, families, including children, and newlyweds to rent an apartment in the City in Oko, namely in the Diamond Apartments. And if you need to provide housing for your employees or business partners, renting a room at Diamond Apartments will help not only resolve this issue, but also emphasize the high status of your company.

In addition, Diamond Apartments gives a pleasant discount on visits to the vibrant Six Floor restaurant, the City Voice karaoke club and one of the best fitness clubs in Moscow City, Encore Fitness & SPA. By the way, all these establishments are located directly in the Oko tower.

Therefore, if you need to rent an apartment in Oko, book an apartment of a suitable type in Diamond Apartments. Moreover, we draw your attention to the fact that the longer the period of stay, the lower the daily cost will be. And several types of offered tariff plans will allow you to choose the best payment option.

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We are the winners of RHA 2021!

We are the winners of RHA 2021!

Apart-hotel Diamond Apartments became the winner of the Russian Hospitality Awards

We are the finalists of the "Best apart-hotel"

We are the finalists of the "Best apart-hotel"

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We are the finalists of RHA 2021!

We are the finalists of RHA 2021!

Apart-hotel Diamond Apartments became a finalist of the Russian Hospitality Awards

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